5 Reasons To Sign Up To An Irish Artisan Pantry Box Today

The best way of getting to know a country is through its food, and that’s particularly true for Ireland. Our island may be small but it has an endless source of artisan products, regional specialities, and lots of passionate people behind them.

If you want to discover the flavours that make Ireland’s food scene unique, you must visit, and you should! If you can’t, then the Ireland’s Artisan Pantry Subscription Box is for you. This is the first-ever Irish regional food subscription box with a worldwide reach, and that’s exciting! Here are five reasons to sign up today.

1. One Extraordinary History

People have lived in Ireland for 12,000 years and traditions go deep, especially for food and drinks. The finest cattle, gorgeous butter, superb whiskey, and hearty craft beers, these are only a few of our artisan products going back for centuries.

Every bite of cheese, every veggie, and even chocolate tastes like Ireland. Food is always more than food; it’s tradition.

2. Incredible Regional Diversity

With extensive coastlines, awe-inspiring mountains and vast low plains, Ireland is incredibly diverse. Eating in busy Dublin city, Galway Harbour, or colourful Cork are entirely different experiences. 

There are plenty of regional differences in food as well, and that’s fantastic! You can explore the country with your taste buds with every item in the Ireland’s Artisan Pantry Subscription Box. 

3. When You Subscribe to Ireland's Artisan Pantry, You’re Helping Out

Creating artisan produce, whether its cider or butter, is always an act of love, in this case, love for Ireland and its culinary traditions. Of course, crafting fine products is often time consuming and intensive.

In a world where processed food and large brands dominate the market, the least one can do is support the people behind these small businesses. Living in the era of Covid-19 there's never been a better time to support Irish and buy local. An assorted regional box of Irish products is a great way to do it!

4. Storytelling with Food

The fine artisan products making every delivery of Ireland’s Artisan Pantry Subscription Box are stories to be told, tales to be heard through flavours and aromas. 

These stories are history in the making, and there’s no closer tie with a place than knowing its history. If you were living in Ireland, you’d be living these stories every day, but enjoying them once a month is a lovely reminder as well. 

5. Become Part of a Community

Whether you have your roots in Ireland or are fond of the country’s Gaelic traditions, you’re not alone. You can share the flavours of Ireland every month and share your experience with Ireland's Artisan Pantry community across their social media channels.

In the words of the Ireland's Artisan Pantry Box founder, Aoife O’Driscoll, “Embark on a journey to the regions of Ireland through its products and enjoy the unique flavours and produce of our island from the comfort of your own home.”