April 2021 – The Tipperary Box

With its lush pastures County Tipperary has long been associated with its quality food offering including its famous cheeses and beef. My husband’s family come from Tipperary Town. An ideal day for me is walking the fields of their family farm and enjoying my mother-in-law Liz’s home-made Sloe Gin made with sloes collected on their land in the evening. To me Tipperary has it all; fantastic people and food and incredible scenery. We were delighted to share some of Tipperary's great produce with our subscribers. 

This box contained:

  • Galtee Honey - Raw Irish Wildflower Honey 140g
  • Blanco Nino - Sea Salted Tortilla Chips 170g
  • Crossogue Preserves - Blackcurrant & Guinness Coulis 150g
  • Ayle Farm - Handmade Granola 250g
  • Vera Miklas - Freeze dried strawberries 20g
  • Rivesci - Cashew chilli crunch 250g
  • Ayle Farm Butterscotch and Brandy sauce 150g
  • Leaflet about Tipperary, its makers, recipes and top food experiences 




The integrity that Tipperary producers offer with their products makes them stand out both nationally and internationally. Meet these incredible Tipperary food producers:


Galtee Honey Farm

It takes more than love for honey to save Ireland's bees; there's hard work involved, but with passionate people like the MacGiollaCoda Family behind Galtee Honey Farm, the future is bright! Golden bright and luscious is also Galtee's honey, and they also offer candles, beeswax cosmetics, and more. The farm's bees feed on biodiverse sites such as old woods, farms with plenty of hedgerows and wild areas. The third-generation bee-keeping endeavours include more than superb honey-based products; educational workshops and lectures year-round are a big part of Galtee Honey Farm because, ultimately, it's all about saving the bees! 



Blanco Niño

Blanco Niño Founder Phil travelled to Mexico on an aspiring food adventure. His mission was to learn how to make the most authentic corn tortillas. Meeting local farmers along the way, he visited the milpas, molinos and tortillerias, and learned the secret to making truly authentic tortillas. Not only did he gain invaluable knowledge, he also acquired a new nickname…Blanco Niño. With a desire to produce tortillas of equal standard to those found on every street corner in Mexico, Phil returned to Ireland and along with a great team, opened the doors to the Tortilleria in Tipperary in 2015. Blanco Niño works with leading Mexican restaurants and chefs across Europe. Now it’s your turn to enjoy his tender tortillas! 

Vera Miklas

Vera Miklas began producing 100% natural freeze-dried fruits and berries with no additives or preservatives in 2013. The naturally preserved fruit keeps its colour, flavour and nutrition and becomes a unique ingredient for pastries, cakes, granola and more. Grounded into a fine powder, the freeze-dried fruit becomes something else such as paint in a creative chef’s palette, adding uniqueness and innovation to any dish. A great ace to have up your sleeve, Vera Miklas' freeze-dried fruit is a game-changer, and you'll find it only in Tipperary.


If you see a 1976 vintage caravan rolling through Tipperary, pull over. It's without a doubt Shannon Forrest and Declan Malone's Rívesci (Ree-vess-ee). The award-winning duo offers an exciting street food range, and they complement their menu with an ever-growing range of delicious condiments. Enjoy Rívesci's Cashew Chilli Crush or Red Onion Marmalade to add some Michelin star flair to your cooking. Out of 12,777 entries from 105 countries, Rivesci was one only 200 products awarded a 3 Star Great Taste Award from the Guild of Fine Food UK. Tipperary's young generation of chefs are turning heads on an international scale! Wave if you see them drive by!

Ayle Farm

Peter and Lorraine Randall established the award-winning Ayle Farm brand in 2005, and they've put Tipperary on the map with their all-natural, small-batch granola, chutneys, relishes, sauces and preserves. Their butterscotch sauce is made with Irish Apple Brandy produced by Longueville House which was Ireland’s first micro distillery in 1985. This rich sweet sauce is perfect for drizzling over apple crumble, ice-cream or as a festive feast with mince pies and Christmas pudding. Dozens of awards back Ayle Farm's superb quality, but the real winners are those of us lucky enough to stock our pantries with their delicious sweet and savoury treats!

Crossogue Preserves

From garden to table takes another meaning at Crossogue Preserves! For over 25 years Veronica Molloy and her husband have been making hand-made, artisanal preserves from produce grown in the gardens at Crossogue House. The estate has been in the family for five generations, and they do everything by hand, from peeling and prepping the fruits and veggies to labelling the jars. Chutneys, coulis, jams, marmalades and even honey mustard make Crossogue's portfolio. The Tipperary preserve family business is all about quality; it gains local and national awards and accolades, consistently proving worthy of being one of the county's oldest preserve companies.