Dublin Bay Prawn Scampi

Dublin is a city on the sea and just 30 minutes from this Irish city you can find yourself in picturesque seaside towns, with the freshest seafood and bracing coastal walks. Bring Dublin to you with this recipe for gorgeous Dublin Bay prawns, with thanks to Bubbas Sauces included in our Irish Hamper range. It's delish! 


The Ingredients

250g of peeled Dublin bay prawns

125g of panko breadcrumbs

75g of plain flour

1 egg (Beaten)

25ml milk



The Method

Place into one bowl your egg and milk and whisk together to make an egg wash.

In a second bowl add your panko breadcrumbs.

In a third bowl add your plain flour.

Place the Dublin bay prawns into the flour and coat evenly, then into the egg mixture and finally into the breadcrumbs. Make sure each prawn is well coated.

Brush off any excess breading that has fallen off and then line them up and place your prawns into the air fryer basket making sure they are not overcrowded.

Cook for 10 minutes at 200c and serve with Bubbas Sweet Chilli Jammin'


Bubbas Sauce has a very fragrant lemongrass and coriander top note, followed by a bite of red chilli, and a deep complex flavour from Asian fish sauce, soy sauce, and wine vinegar. It is all held together by a broad ginger base and a lovely sweet nutty texture.