Exploding Tree Chocolate


This bean-to-bar chocolate is made from 100% fair-trade cocoa and coconut sugar bought directly from farming cooperatives in developing countries. The chocolate is stone ground, hand poured and truly artisan.

Allison decided to buy directly from farming co-operatives in developing countries so that they receive a fair price and am extra premium for their crops. They also have the pleasure of enjoying their favourite treat at a new level: ethically delicious and easy on the conscience. 

“Our main mission when we set up Exploding Tree was to help people connect with chocolate on a new level and delve deeply into honest, ethical business. And this is still what inspires us today.”


Since travelling to West Africa in 2013 Allison was so inspired by the hard work of the Fairtrade farmers that grow her beans that she created a fully bean-to-bar chocolate business that allows her to be in full control of the ingredients and choose only the bare essentials:

"We have since been working from the bean, in full control of our ingredients and choosing to use only the bare essentials, no emulsifiers, and only healthier natural sweeteners: coconut sugar for most of our bars and birch Xylitol for our Garden Mint."

We think that Exploding Tree offer a quality product and are an exciting addition to the Irish Artisan food scene.