February 2021 – The Meath Box

Known as ‘The Royal County’ County Meath offers heritage in abundance. It was once the former seat of the High Kings of Ireland and is home to a Unesco World Heritage site (one of only three in Ireland) at Brú na Bóinne. County Meath has long been famous for its food production. Named ‘The Bounty of Ireland’ for its lush green landscapes and rich pastures, it is also home to a bounty of passionate food producers who we were delighted to bring to our subscribers. 


This box contained:

  • Big Red Kitchen – Lemon Curd (130g)
  • Big Red Kitchen – Brown Irish Soda Bread (300g)
  • A Bit on the Side – Rosé and Pink Peppercorn Jelly (100g) 
  • Hilda’s Homemades – Wild Elderberry Vodka Marmalade (300g)
  • Studio Coffee Roasters – Ethiopia Duromina Coffee (200g) 
  • McEntees Teas – Irish Mint and Nettle Infusion Tea (75g)
  • The Great Northern Larder – Chub Rub for Sunday Roasts (100g)




Big Red Kitchen

Down a quiet country lane nestled in the Boyne Valley, is where you will find Big Red Kitchen. The Kitchen is the heart of owner Nicola Smyth’s home, where the products you taste today are still made. Their award-winning range is inspired by Nicola’s childhood spent foraging along wild hedgerows and making jars upon jars of jams. She blends traditional methods with some modern flavour innovation to create a range including jams, marmalades, bread, and scone mixes, as well as dessert sauces. The Big Kitchen range has everything you need for a delicious afternoon tea at home. 


Hilda's Homemades

Hilda is a farmer’s daughter, born and raised on a dairy farm where growing their own food was the norm. Her love of baking and brewing led her to set up her ‘Hilda’s Homemades’. This range of artisan preserves, and relishes is made with traditional, labor-intensive techniques, using local ingredients, and that makes all the difference. Hilda devises gorgeous fresh twists to traditional Irish staples – tangy lemon marmalade with beech leaf noyau, delicious lemon and spiced wild elderberry vodka marmalade, damson chutney, and aromatic spiced plum chutney to name just a few. There are no limits for Hilda's imagination, and that's a win for us!


A Bit on the Side

Gourmet savoury jellies, you say? Nothing like these treats to always have 'a bit on the side'. Owner Hilary McGrath started the business after returning home to Ireland after living abroad in Canada. Her family loved Jalapeno jelly, but the condiment wasn’t available here, so she created her own.  The Jalapeno jelly led to other wonderful concoctions including basil jelly, cider and sage jelly, and port and balsamic jelly. A Bit on The Side's products are versatile and tons of fun. Spread them, cook with them, or just set them on the side. These jellies are definitely for grown-ups and bound to add some class to your dining table.


Studio Coffee Roasters

Like any conscientious coffee connoisseur, Alan Phillips, the founder of The Studio Coffee Roasters is very particular about flavour complexities, botanical varieties, and the degree of roast he offers to the Irish market. For best quality, he creates coffee sourced directly from the world's top 5% of coffee beans. All coffee roasted details the roast date, taste notes, coffee drying process, altitude, farm, and country of origin on its packaging. Husband and wife team Alan and Louise are delighted to develop long-lasting relationships with suppliers and “support their origin projects and partnerships which create access to credit, provide agronomy training, support gender initiatives and raise funds for education” in the countries they work with.


Mc Entee’s Teas

McEntee’s Fine Teas is a family business run by married couple, Donal, and Helen McEntee. The passion for loose tea that has driven both Donal and Helen’s desire to develop McEntee’s Fine Teas dates to their childhoods where tea was central to traditional family life. Helen comes from the Isle of Man and has lived in Ireland and has a background in food and food marketing. For Donal, memories of a rural family shop, selling loose tea, remains a vivid reminder of simpler times where he discovered the importance and constancy of tea in everyday life in Ireland during the previous century. These multi-awarded tea specialists have a gorgeous range we are product to present to you.


Great Northern Larder

Great Northern Larder is the brainchild of Laura McMenamy and Ruairi Browne. They believe in cooking over flames and creating the best BBQ sauces and rubs outside of Texas. Their business is centred on using beautiful local ingredients that they treat with respect and care so that they become great sauces and preserves. Their sauces, rubs and glazes are made entirely by hand, using absolutely no machinery or automation. They source the highest quality spices and blend them into tasty rubs for fish, meat, and vegetables. This is a handmade journey made with love by the Great Northern Larder.