Producer in Ireland;

"The Homespun story began with my love for granola. Crunchy and delicious - but often excessively sweetened and devoid of nutrition. At home, inspired by recipes I spotted on blogs, I set about creating a healthier quinoa-based alternative.

Homespun Quinoa Crunch Pecan Cranberry

For months I played around - baking quinoa pops, then fusing them with different seeds, nuts, and berries. In a nod to its crispy texture, I named my granola Quinoa Crunch.

Homespun Quinoa Crunch Goji Berry

Not long after, I started a stall at a local farmers market. Every week, my Quinoa Crunches sold out - people just loved the taste! When health food stores started placing orders, I began to consider making a career in the food business. I soon took a leap of faith and started to nurture Homespun full-time.

Homespun Quinoa Crunch

The Quinoa Crunch range launched into independent retailers in Dublin and since then, we have grown to supply stores all across Ireland, the UK and the UAE and are expanding our product range. My mission to create innovative, healthy, and delicious food is still at the heart of Homespun."

Erica Sheehan, Owner of Homespun