January 2021 - The Waterford Box

County Waterford or Port Láirge in Gaelic is located along Ireland’s Ancient East, enjoying miles of stunning coastline and Ireland’s oldest city. With the Knockmealdown and the Comeragh mountains in the background, ‘The Déise’ is a land of natural beauty. The food is show-stopping too and we hope were delighted to send our subscribers the best artisan food Waterford has to offer.


This box contained:

  • Mezze Middle Eastern Foods - Peanut Dukkah Spice Blend
  • Nutrilicious Food Company - Chocolate Truffle Balls (Raw)
  • The Sea Gardener - 'Salad and Stirfrys' Seaweed Blend for cooking
  • The Sea Gardener - Coconut & Lime Protein Bar
  • Coffee House Lane - Viking City Roast Fresh Ground Coffee (227g)
  • The Lismore Food Company - Lismore Dark Chocolate & Cardamon Biscuits (150g)
  • The Lismore Food Company - Lismore Milk Chocolate Apple Crisp Thins (100g)
  • Brochure about Waterford's food scene including biographies of the 6 food producers above, top 10 culinary experiences to try in County Waterford and a recipe for traditional Blaa bread





The Sea Gardener 

Marie Power followed her interest in nature and found in Waterford’s shores an endless supply of sea treasures. The rocky beaches are ideal for foraging seaweed, which she uses to create astounding all-natural products, from protein bars to seaweed-infused tea and food seasonings. This is the very essence of Ireland’s southern shores. Offering picnics at the beach, foraging workshops, and seaweed tastings, The Sea Gardener is an inspiration to the Waterford community, and one of the most authentic craft producers in the area. From the famous Irish moss to the fun sea spaghetti, we’ve only scratched the surface of the realm of seaweed and what it can do for us. 


Coffee House Lane

Roasting and brewing coffee in Waterford since 1690, this is the oldest coffee house in Ireland, and it is right here in Waterford. This is more than gourmet coffee; it’s a history lesson. The Coffee House Lane range is not just inspired by the name, but also by the ethos of coffee roasting and brewing back in 1690. The Bergin family do everything on-site; coffee of the highest quality from all around the planet is roasted and brewed with the most traditional methods. Roasted in small batches, each packet of Coffee House Lane has unique flavours that will ensure you return for more. Come visit for the smell alone!


Mezze Middle Eastern Foods

Waterford woman Nicola Crowley and her Israeli husband Dvir Nusery own a gem of a deli, shop and catering service in Tramore. Their carefully selected local ingredients and exotic Middle Eastern flavours come together in a delicious catalogue of sweet and savoury goodies. They produce their own flatbreads in-house and offer a range of colourful spice blends for you to create new dishes from. Mezze is all about, well, mezze, the ancient art of serving diverse small plates to share around the table with your loved ones. Falafel, chermoula sauce or sweet red lily peppers, Mezze is synonym with beautifully prepared, flavourful products that will surely spice up your meals. 



Husband-and-wife Brian and Yvonne Dillon founded the Nutrilitious Food Company in Dungarvan County Waterford, in 2017. Yvonne is a Health Coach, and Brian is a chef, it’s easy to see why their local catering service, and delectable range of products are hugely popular. Their chocolate balls flavoured with everything from orange to coconut to their nutmel bars are real gems. They’re all gluten, dairy and sugar-free. As they say, ‘with no added nasties’. Tasty and nutritious are two words seldom seen together, but that’s precisely what Nutrilicious brings to the table, and you don’t want to miss out on that.


The Lismore Food Company

The ‘three biscuiteers’ Beth-Ann Smith and brothers Ken and Owen Madden are the owners of The Lismore Food Company. Beth-Ann Smith was head chef at Lismore Castle and private chef to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire there for 10 years. Owen and Ken Madden’s family opened a bakery in Lismore in the early 1800’s, still owned by the family to this day.  The trio combined their cookery and baking skills and now offer a gorgeous range of fine foods. Lismore’s Irish shortbread, biscuits, chocolate, chutneys and preserves, they’re all the stuff of legend in the county, and marvellous gifts for your loved ones or yourself.