March 2021 – The Armagh Box

County Armagh is known as the ‘Orchard County’. If what you're looking for is premium quality green apples, there's no place like the county's southern rolling hills and northern flatlands. Food-wise, County Armagh has something for every palate. We were thrilled to present such a fine selection of food to our subscribers.  


This box contained:

  • The Lush Larder – Armagh Bramley Apple & Walnut Chutney (200g)
  • Artisan Pumpkin Spice NI – Artisan Pumpkin Spice (26g) 
  • Irish Black Butter – Irish Black Butter (125g)
  • Fosters Chocolates – Yellowman (100g) 
  • Cobden & Brown – Dark Chocolate with Lime & Pink Himalayan Salt (100g)
  • Burren Balsamics - Blood Orange Marmalade (200g)
  • Burren Balsamics - Strawberry and Mint Balsamic Vinegar (300ml)
  • Brochure about Armagh's food scene including biographies of the 6 food producers above, and recipes for Artisan Pumpkin Spice Shamrock Meringues and Sugar Cookies and Irish Sausage Rolls with Black Butter and Smoked Bacon. 





The Lush Larder

Tracey makes delicious small batch jams and chutneys grown in her own garden or sourced from local suppliers: “From ‘Plot to Pot’ is very much my mantra! I like to work with seasonal fruits and vegetables thus some of my flavours are limited editions and go out of stock until the fruits and vegetables are in season again.” She is proud to use Armagh Bramley Apples in her products. Armagh Bramley Apples were awarded protected geographical indication status by the European Commission which promotes and protects the names of high-quality food and drinks. Tracey’s ethos is to buy local and support local, whilst reducing her carbon footprint and becoming a zero-waste company. 


Irish Black Butter

Inspired by tales of a black butter preserve from Medieval times Alastair Bell created Ireland’s first contemporary black butter. This extraordinary spread includes Armagh Bramley Apples, treacle, cider, brandy, and spices for a cross between sweet and savoury. The ensuing Irish Black Butter has a delicious flavour and a rich warm aroma. The Butter can be used in a variety of ways; to accompany cheese and cold meats, as a glaze on ham, a spread on toast, soda farls or with scones and cream. Drawing together sweet and savoury this is truly a versatile product and ‘a new taste of Ireland.’


Artisan Pumpkin Spice NI

Stephanie Neumann-Flynn lives along the North Coast of Ireland and loves to bake and cook. Growing up in Brussels she loved visiting the Christmas markets and the smell and taste of their warming spiced foods and drinks. Her Pumpkin Spice is a blend of Ceylon cinnamon, ginger, cloves, allspice, nutmeg, vanilla and cardamom. Stephanie toasts them to release their natural oils and aromatics, grinds them and combines with other spices in her top-secret recipe! These beautiful very fresh spices pack a punch with flavour so a little goes a long way! Stephanie hopes you love it as much as she does.


Fosters Chocolates 

Norman and Sandra Foster began making chocolates in County Armagh over 30 years ago and are the go-to producer for fine chocolate and other creative treats. From their fun children’s range of chocolate animal shapes to their luxury chocolate bars to fudge, nougat and jellies, their creative range continues to grow. Today we have chosen their ‘Northern Ireland’s AULD favourite Yellow Man or Yellow Mon’ to share with you. It’s a bright yellow rock sweet snack, unique to Northern Ireland.  The origin of their secret recipe comes from the Auld lammas fair in Ballycastle. It has been held each August in Ballycastle since the 17th century and is Ireland’s oldest fair. 


Cobden & Brown

Cobden & Brown are behind some of the most thrilling artisanal chocolates in Ireland. Their son’s diagnosis with Coeliac Disease proved to be the real inspiration behind the company and its ethos.

They believe that no one should have to compromise on taste or flavour regardless of their dietary requirements and their chocolate is gluten free. Their luxurious rich chocolate suitable for everyone has earned them Gold stars at the Great Taste Awards in London. Their dark 60% chocolate with lime and pink Himalayan salt is made from fine forastero cocoa beans, infused with lime and a hint of Himalayan salt. It sets the bar high for chocolatiers everywhere! 


Burren Balsamics

County Armagh is home to an international fusion of flavours with no compare. We're talking about the incredibly refined Modena Balsamic Vinegar from Italy and Armagh's juicy apples. 

Picture the tangy sweetness of balsamic vinegar infused with ripe blackberries, with just a kiss of aromatic thyme. Or how about the comforting flavours of balsamic infused with Bramley apples? 

Susie Hamilton Stubber and her Development Chef Bob McDonald are behind these thrilling flavour combinations, and now they offer much more than balsamic vinegar; they also bring to the table fantastic condiments and preserves. It’s no wonder that Burren Balsamics has been awarded many Great Taste Awards.