Mella's Fudge

Producer in Cork

Mella's Fudge makes good, old-fashioned fudge; rich, buttery, crumbly fudge that is so good, it's the only Irish fudge to have ever achieved three gold stars at the Great Taste Awards in London.


Mella was born in Bantry in West Cork and started to make fudge for her local sweet shop as a schoolgirl. 15 years ago Mella started her fudge business which has been growing ever since.

Mella produced four flavours for you to try; vanilla, rum and raisin, walnut and chocolate  and Irish cream liquer. She uses the best of ingredients such as proper vanilla extract, real Jamaican rum, and locally produced Irish butter from the lush pastured of West Cork. She also brings out a spice and orange flavour at Christmas for lovers of good old-fashioned fudge.














Fudge is natually gluten free. So put on the kettle, make yourself a cuppa and sit back with Mella's fabulous fudge. You deserve it!

Mella McAuley