Producer in Northern Ireland;

NearyNógs are Northern Ireland's first bean to bar craft chocolate makers and also one of the oldest in Ireland. NearyNógs chocolate is made in small batches and crafted on the Mourne Coast.  Their family friendly chocolate factory has breath-taking views of the Irish Sea, Carlingford Lough, and the Mourne Mountains.  They take great pride in their chocolate making. Every process is meticulously controlled so that every cacao bean’s origin, of fine flavour, shines though.    

Neary Nogs Drinking Chocolate

Owner Shane Neary continues: “We ethically source sustainable cacao beans, supporting the rain forest alliance and we practise direct trade where possible. We pay above market value for cacao beans, to ensure that the Cacao farmers get a living wage, ensuring survival of the cacao industry and the farmers’ livelihoods. We want to honour the farmers, the cacao, and the maker.

Recently, NearyNógs has switched to Solar energy, powering the chocolate factory! We are passionate about reducing carbon emissions and looking after our environment. All our packaging is either made from recycled materials, can be recycled or is biodegradable.”

Neary Nogs Shane and Dot

NearyNógs is a family business, established in 2011, originally as a fund-raiser for their eldest daughter travelling to India to do charitable work with orphans. Chocolate became a passion and a resource.  Shortly after, a younger daughter became life threateningly ill and needed urgent medical treatment in Great Ormond Street Hospital London.  This resulted in the formation of the family business to provide income and flexibility.  The Neary family works as a team alongside a small community of friends and family, working together to make the dream alive.

The name "NearyNógs" comes from children’s stories written by Johnnie Neary, Shane's Dad.  Neary is the family name and Nógs comes from the Irish Gaelic word Tír na nÓg, which means the land of the youth or the Eternal land. Call in for a visit, see how chocolate is made from the cacao bean to bar and hear some chocolate stories!