Nettle Beer from Wild About Foods

Malcolm and Fiona Falconer live in rural County Wexford and are the duo behind ‘Wild About’, an exciting range of artisan hand-crafted products made from Ireland’s wealth of native Irish ingredients. Their products are made from the seasonal fruits, vegetables, herbs and berries sourced locally, foraged in the wild, or grown in their own garden. 

The Falconers have created what many of us would dream of on their land; a traditional market garden and a ‘Forage forest.’ The forest is a native, ecological and sustainable garden where you can eat every plant in the environment. It sounds amazing! They have used organic and heritage varieties of seeds to grow produce that you can enjoy through their foods. Their products include chutneys, preserves, pestos, dressings, dessert syrups and cocktail syrups. I can almost taste summer whilst writing this. :)

Wild About is committed to re-introducing native Irish wild foods to the market in a sustainable, ecological, seasonal and most importantly, delicious, artisan food range. We love the ethos behind the brand and can 100% vouch for the taste of their products which are a staple in our fridge and larder at home!  We are looking forward to working with Wild About and sharing some of their gorgeous range in our upcoming boxes. In anticipation of this Fiona has kindly shared her delicious summer recipe for ‘Nettle Beer’ to inspire you to create something delicious by foraging the fare around you. We hope you enjoy, and it whets your appetite for more Wild About goodies soon.


Summer Recipe for Nettle Beer

2 carrier bags of fresh young nettle tips

12 litres of water

1.5kg sugar

60g cream of tartar

Juice of 2 oranges

Juice of 2 lemons

50g ginger (infusion bag) 

Yeast, as per instructions for volume

And now the magic!

Boil water, take off heat, add nettles, put lid on and leave to infuse for at least one hour, but preferably overnight. 

Strain through muslin.

Heat mixture only enough to dissolve sugar and cream of tartar, then add juice of orange and lemon and ginger spice bag (optional) and leave to cool to room temperature.

Add yeast.

Cover with a tea towel and leave in a dark, warm place for 4-5 days. 

Remove the scum from the surface of the brew bucket and siphon into plastic bottles. Leave to settle in a cool place (the fridge is ideal), as they tend to explode when not chilled.

Wait 7 Days and then it is finally ready to drink.


Recipe is copyright of ‘Wild About.’ To learn more about Wild About, visit their website