November 2020 - The Dublin Box

Dublin is a foodie paradise, a unique city of villages, surrounded by mountains and sea. From fish shacks and dim sum eateries to Michelin-starred restaurants, Dublin can hold its own on the international stage. Soak up Dublin’s food scene with a food tour, a walk through a bustling market, a leisurely brunch or candlelight dinner on one of the city’s canal boat eateries. We were delighted to present our subscribers with a taste of contemporary Dublin.


This box contained:

  • White Mausu - Peanut Rayu (240g)
  • Berna's Dressings - Basil & Lime Dressing (250ml)
  • Homespun - Quinoa Crunch, Pecan Nut & Cranberry (275g)
  • Chocolatey Clare - Really Raspberry Chocolate (40g) 
  • Clintons Irish Farm Grown Crisps - Classic Sea Salt & Vinegar (125g) 
  • SheDesignsHePrints - 'It's a Dub Thing' Tea Towel Beautiful original illustration, printed in Ireland onto a cotton tea towel, with an A4 print ready to pop in a frame and enjoy
  • Brochure about Dublin's food scene including biographies of the 6 food producers above and top 5 culinary experiences to try in County Dublin as well as Famous Dublin song lyrics






They have known each other since they were both brunettes (the grey’s kicking in now, they are not going to lie!) It’s simple really…she’s a graphic designer, he’s a printer! They have been running a print and design company together since 2011. Always looking for new challenges these two decided to put Alison’s doodling habit to good use and create a range of greeting cards and She designs He prints was born. Their range now includes beautifully illustrated tea towels and tiles, art prints, bags, and calendars. They are all lovingly created, printed, packed, and posted off to you from Portobello, Dublin.


White Mausu 

Katie Sanderson, who kickstarted the company, was born and grew up in Hong Kong. The inspiration behind the recipes is the amalgamation of those early years, time spent travelling, working in kitchens, and the belief that a good larder full of condiments makes cooking a breeze. Made with love in Dublin, this delicious Peanut Rayu fuses Japanese and Chinese flavours to spice up any dish. Give your vegetables a kick, jazz up a stir-fry, eggs, or avocado on toast; rumour has it it's great on a grilled steak or (shhh!) just eat straight from the jar.


Berna's Dressings

Berna’s Basil and Lime Dressing is fresh, vibrant, and delicious over any salad. Originating from an artisan delicatessen in Dalkey, Berna began serving her locally famous Basil and Lime dressing over 15 years ago over countless salads and sandwiches. Customers loved it so much, Berna decided to bottle it for sale. She only uses fresh basil with quality ingredients giving the dressing a dynamic zesty flavour like no other. It is delicious in a light caprese salad, heavenly over cooked chicken in a sandwich and perfect as a marinade for baking fish. 


The Homespun story began with Erica’s love for granola which while crunchy and delicious is often excessively sweetened and devoid of nutrition. At home, she set about creating a healthier quinoa-based alternative. Her baked quinoa pops are fused with different seeds, nuts, and berries. In a nod to its crispy texture, she named her granola ‘Quinoa Crunch’. The range is not available across Ireland, the U.K., and the UAE. Erica’s mission to create innovative, healthy, and delicious food is still at the heart of Homespun.


Chocolatey Clare

Chocolatey Clare Really Raspberry is a tangy, fruity chocolate bar bursting with berries! The chocolate bars are handcrafted using organic and ethically sourced ingredients, and beautifully presented in zero-waste packaging printed with vegetable-based ink. The chocolate has a rich depth of flavour, and with 57% cacao it lies on the edge of darkness. Clare carefully sources her ingredients to ensure the highest standards of food ethics, and she use compostable packaging that's kind to the environment. The organic cacao ingredients in this chocolate are from the finest Peruvian Criollo beans; only 3% of the world’s chocolate is made with these beans. Clare’s mission was clear, to produce chocolate with exquisite taste and a kind heart. We hope you enjoy it!


Clintons Crisps

Clintons have been farming potatoes in Skerries, north Dublin, since the 1700s. Brothers Sean and Martin loved crisps and understood from potato growing and cooking what was needed to make a world class version.  Flavourings were key, and they spent over a year travelling and taste-testing across Europe before settling on recipes for their crisps. Each week they taste crisps from around the world, scoring them in several categories, always wanting to see if anyone is doing anything better. So far, they say, they aren’t: “Our crisps are as natural as crisps can get. Most ingredients come from Dublin, and we make them by hand in very small batches.”