October 2020 - The Wicklow Box

As Irish poet Thomas Moore once penned, “There is not in the wide world a valley so sweet.” Only a stones throw from Dublin, the wild county of Wicklow is home to beautiful scenery, mountain walks, seaside villages and fantastic food producers. We chose some of the tastiest producers the county has to offer to represent this majestic county.


This box contained:

  • The Birds and The Teas - 'Thyme for a Change' Mixed Berry and Thyme Preserve (350g)
  • Rhoda Cocoa - Milk Chocolate with Peanut & Honeycomb (100g)
  • Miena's Handmade Nougat - Fruit Selection Box with 4 mini individually wrapped bars (120g)
  • Sukhi's India - Chai Drink, Refreshing Blend of Warming Spices (30 servings)
  • Kilruddery Estate - Apple & Fig Chutney (200g)
  • Rohan's Sauces - Tomato Saag Vegetable Sauce (400g)
  • Brochure about Wicklow's food scene including biographies of the 6 food producers above and top 10 culinary experiences to try in County Wicklow




The Birds and the Teas

Coming from a farming background and living in County Wicklow brings an understanding of the seasonality of Irish produce and how to use it to its full potential. Olive’s mum always baked and made her own jams and chutneys – everything from blackberry and crab-apple jelly in the autumn, to elderflower cordial in the early summer. For Pat it was summers spent on his Uncles farm, which instilled in him an appreciation for country living and homemade seasonal delights. Olive and Pat Germaine use fresh seasonal ingredients to make wholesome and delicious jams, chutneys, and relishes with a truly modern twist. 


Miena’s Nougat

In the Glen of Imaal in Wicklow, surrounded by lush Irish countryside, Miena was inspired to set up her handmade nougat business. Miena loves simple, fresh ingredients, and nothing artificial and these values are reflected in the purity of her nougat. She carefully balances her ingredients including fresh almonds, pistachio nuts, and berries to create both sweetness and a comforting, soft consistency. Her range is low on sugar and includes almond and fig, chocolate, hazelnut and cranberry, almond and pistachio and almond and mixed berries. Find new taste buds and discover subtle flavours not experienced before in this healthy, luxurious treat.


Killruddery Estate

This 800-acre estate in County Wicklow is a bio-diverse farm that includes a historic house, 17th century gardens and the old horse yard with a café, farm shop and weekly market. The Farm Shop is part of their commitment to create an alternative and eco-minded shopping and food space. They stock their own seasonal vegetables, their own grass-fed lamb, and free-range eggs from their orchard. They have Killruddery’s Pantry items and freshly baked goods from their kitchen and handmade jams and chutneys including the apple and fig chutney that you will enjoy today.  


Rhoda Cocoa

After studying as a chocolatier, Rhoda Kirwan began to create her own chocolate recipes. She experimented with combining unusual flavours, blends of spices and essential oils, resulting in luxury, single origin chocolate bars with distinctive flavours and a velvety feel in the mouth. Her ‘chocolate with a conscience’ uses natural ingredients and processes and is sourced from South American countries, giving farmers sustainable income. Rhoda enjoys “Creating the infusions and toppings that complement and enhance the flavours of the chocolate. Every day should be marked with a moment of delight. I find mine through crafting the chocolate bars which I hope will lead to yours.”


Rohan’s Sauces

Rohan O’Duill is passionate about creating honest, natural foods and working towards a sustainable future with all plant-based ingredients. Rohan is a professional chef. In recent years, while feeding his own growing family, Rohan’s focus shifted towards health-conscious food that still tastes great. His sauces not only taste delicious but help you reap all the nutritional benefits of a vegetable rich diet without any extra effort! To make a Prawn Saag using the sauce in this box, fry off some fresh prawns along with some sliced peppers. When cooked add in the saag sauce and service with rice and naan bread.



Sukhi’s India

Sukhi’s India began life in Wicklow town with Sukhi Kaur’s intention to bring to market recipes that have been in her family for generations. Sukhi’s mother was born in India, Punjab. Growing up, mealtimes were very important in the family and her mum created amazing Indian food from basic rations. Today you will enjoy a cup of chai, made with love in County Wicklow. Legend has it the origin of chai dates back more than 5,000 years. Chai is the very essence of social interaction in India.  Almost everywhere you go, in trains, on streets, in sari shops, you will see people drinking this sweet, spicy, milky beverage.