Revealed...The August Ireland's Artisan Pantry Box


We really enjoyed curating this gorgeous Irish food hamper for our August box, with delicious goodies from County Cork. You can buy a one-off gift box from Ireland's Artisan Pantry or an Irish food subscription box for the gift that keeps on giving!

Here is the September Box!



Meet the August box's food heroes and find out more about the products from last month.

Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Bites  from Seymours of Cork. This delicate shortbread is made using real Irish butter, raspberry extract, coconut, and Belgian dark chocolate to deliver a sensational finish. Philip O'Connor makes the biscuits in small batches, cutting the dough by hand: “When we set out making shortbread, it was on the premise that because Ireland produces the best butter in the world, by natural extension we could also produce the best shortbread. That's why, in our family farm in West Cork, our dairy herd supplies the milk we use to make the butter for our shortbread biscuits.” These biscuits have a great texture and ‘crunch’ – perfect with a cuppa. 

Wild Irish Seaweed Pesto by Claire O'Sullivan of WASI. Founder Claire's great grandmother lived to 103 and her grandmother to 100, attributing their longevity to the healing power of seaweed. Her hard-harvested seaweed pesto is made from the freshest seaweed straight from the Atlantic. Claire mixes age-old tradition with 21st-century techniques to bring you a delicious pesto from tide to table. WASI pesto is delicious with baked fish, crackers and cheese or mixed through pasta. How will you eat yours?


Chai & Chilli Chocolate created by Allison Roberts of Exploding Tree Chocolate.  This bean-to-bar chocolate is made from 100% fair-trade cocoa and coconut sugar bought directly from farming cooperatives in developing countries. The chocolate is stone ground, hand poured and truly artisan. Since travelling to West Africa in 2013 Allison was so inspired by the hard work of the Fairtrade farmers that grow her beans that she created a fully bean-to-bar chocolate business that allows her to be in full control of the ingredients and choose only the bare essentials: “Our main mission when we set up Exploding Tree was to help people connect with chocolate on a new level and delve deeply into honest, ethical business. And this is still what inspires us today.”


Joe's Farm Crisps are hand cooked vegetable crisps, grown and cooked on Joe's Family farm in east Cork. Joe's Farm Crisps are sown, grown, and cooked with a sprinkle of Achill Island Sea Salt to give you a delicious, crispy savoury snack. These vegetable crisps are a mix of carrot, parsnip and beetroot crisps or mixed potato (purple, pink and white). There are only 5 ingredients used to make the pure Irish crisps you will enjoy today: carrot, beetroot, parsnip, sunflower oil, and Achill Island Sea Salt. Joe grows all the vegetables and potatoes to make the crisps and everything is made and produced on the farm.

Hassett's Bakery Emmental Cheese Crackers need to be tasted to be believed. The crackers are made from free range eggs and real Irish butter sourced locally in Cork. These melt in the mouth crackers are ideal with pate or cheese. Hassett’s Bakery collection includes artisan breads and confectionery, cakes, desserts, biscuits, crackers, granolas, and chocolates.  Michael says: “I believe good quality food produced locally is the secret to our success so far. We’ve proven that our passion and respect for the art of artisan baking can stand the test of time.”

Vanilla flavoured Fudge is made by Mella’s Fudge in the coastal town of Bantry. Mella started making traditional Irish fudge for her local sweet shop as a schoolgirl. Today her fudge is made using locally produced Irish butter from the lush pastures of West Cork and contains a minimum 70% cocoa Belgian chocolate. Mella makes 3 other flavours for you to spoil yourself with: rum and raisin, walnut, and chocolate. Put on the kettle and make yourself a cuppa. And sit back and enjoy Mella’s fabulous fudge.

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