Rhoda Cocoa

Producer in Wicklow;

Every day should be marked with a moment of delight. I find mine through crafting the chocolate bars which I hope will lead to yours.

The concept of Rhoda Cocoa started innocently enough. One Christmas, instead of buying presents for my loved ones, I gave everyone my own handmade chocolates. Imagine my surprise when friends started asking to purchase my chocolate to give as presents for Valentine’s Day and Easter. I had always loved tasting chocolate, and the mini-production run I did for my friends proved I loved working with chocolate just as much. The path was laid before me. I took the next step and trained as a chocolatier.


I studied with Ecole Chocolat, where recipe creation was encouraged. I experimented with combining unusual flavours, blends of spices and essential oils. The result of which are luxury, single origin chocolate bars with distinctive flavours and a velvety mouth feel.

I have insisted on using natural ingredients and processes when developing each bar. I use both dark and milk chocolate from South American countries. It is chocolate with a conscience as it supports sustainability for farmers. The different blends I use have been carefully chosen to complement the infusions and toppings, bringing out the taste sensation of each bar.

My chocolate bars are truly a labour of love. Each one is developed through long periods of experimentation and testing during which time I seek to create a bar with a luxurious taste and mouthfeel. Creating the infusions and toppings that complement and enhance the flavours of the chocolate I work with allows for the creativity I need to be happy. I think every day should be marked with a moment of delight, I find mine through crafting the chocolate bars which I hope will lead to yours. 


Rhoda Kirwan