Rohan’s Sauces

Producer & Chef in Wicklow;

At Rohan’s sauces we bring our passion for honest, natural foods to your home.

Our Vision

Making a healthy life easy for all.

At Rohan’s sauces we bring our passion for honest, natural foods to you.  An Irish brand showcasing how we can all be more health conscious and work towards a sustainable future with all plant-based ingredients and 100% recyclable packaging.

Our products are premium quality with genuine clean ingredients designed to make our customers lives easier and healthier at an affordable price!

Rohan is a professional chef with many years’ experience in the culinary industry. Rohan graduated first in his year from professional cookery in DIT Cathal Brugha Street and went on to work in all forms of kitchens from fine dining restaurants to industrial catering.  

In recent years, while feeding his own growing family, Rohan’s focus has shifted towards health conscious food that still tastes great. The idea for Rohan’s Sauces was created when Rohan noticed a gap in the market for a quick and simple way to pack more vegetables into your daily diet. 


When you look at the current range of available sauces, they offer little in health benefits and are often high in sugar, salt and oils. Simply by replacing your standard jar of sauce with one of Rohan’s Sauces, you reap all of the nutritional benefits of a vegetable rich diet without any extra effort.


Rohan O'Duill