The Lush Larder

Producer in County Armagh;

Tracey Toner launched The Lush Larder in October 2019. Tracey makes small batches of artisian jams and chutney in her home in County Armagh. 

She uses only the finest ingredients, some of which she grows herself, to make her products. Tracey also sources fruit and vegetables from local suppliers. She comes from County Armagh and is proud to use Armagh Bramley Apples in her products. Armagh Bramley Apples were awarded protected geographical indication status by the European Commission which promotes and protects the names of high-quality food and drinks.

The Lush Larder

Tracey’s ethos is to buy local and support local, whilst reducing her carbon footprint and becoming a zero waste company:

“From “Plot to Pot” is very much my mantra!  I like to work with seasonal fruits and vegetables thus some of my flavours are limited editions and go out of stock until the fruits and vegetables are in season again. 

The Lush Larder Plum Cinnamon Jam

I grow some of the produce required to make my Jams and Chutneys and what I don’t grow, I source from family farmers, local farm shops, markets and local fruit and vegetable suppliers. 

Being from Armagh “The Orchard County”, I use and promote the local Bramley Apple in many of my products. In fact, I make an “Armagh Apple Jam” which has proved to be extremely popular. 

I try to encourage my customers to “Think Outside the Box” and be adventurous with The Lush Larder products. I suggest alternative serving suggestions because in my opinion Jam is not just for bread and scones and chutney is not just for cheese and crackers!

The Lush Larder Gooseberry Gin Jam

I always receive great feedback on my products. They are diligently made in small batches at my home using the freshest of ingredients to maximise flavour. I am meticulous in the making of each and every flavour.”