Jack's Fudge

Producer in Northern Ireland;

Founder Jack Morton always had dreams of being a chef. Aged fourteen, he set about teaching himself how to cook and stumbled across a fudge recipe from an old Irish cookbook. Having tweaked the recipe, he began selling his fudge in Arcadia Delicatessen in Belfast whilst working there every Saturday.

Jacks Fudge Original Vanilla

“As a teenager I was determined to become a famous chef. I used to try out different recipes and experiment in putting my own twist on them. I was so obsessed with cooking that when my nanny asked me what I’d like for Christmas I told her I wanted a pot! It was in this pot that I created my first ever batch of fudge. I had stumbled across the recipe from an Irish cookbook and I ended up tweaking the recipe to give the fudge a light, crumbly texture.”

Around the same age I remember watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for the first time in amazement. I loved how Willy Wonka had created everything from his own imagination. The scene when they open the door to the chocolate room had me in awe. I remember feeling so much wonder and magic at the sight of all that Willy Wonka had created.”

Jacks Fudge Bottle of Fudge

Selling his fudge as Arcadia Deli, Belfast’s own brand, Jack established a loyal following of customers. Leaving to study at university in Edinburgh, Jack put his fudge making on hold. During that time, Arcadia customers were asking for “Jack’s fudge”.

Jacks Fudge

Now, having returned from university with a degree in business management, Jack has renewed his passion for making fudge. Jack dreams for his fudge to become a renowned and loved brand of fudge! Over to Jack:

“By putting my name on each product, I wanted to show how much I stand behind the fudge I make. I guarantee that every bit of fudge made is of the highest quality.

I guess watching and rewatching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at a young age has been invaluable to me as it probably taught me that ‘anything you want to, do it’, that if you ‘want to change the world, there’s nothing to it’. Now, I’m realising my dream and I get to share my creations with the world. Like Willy Wonka I have the chance to create some magic in the world and be the maker I always loved to be.  

I really hope you enjoy and get happy feelings from the products created from my imagination. 

10% of all our profits are donated to causes I think are important.” 

Jacks Fudge

Jack’s Fudge has been awarded two stars in the Great Taste Awards for their Original Vanilla Fudge and was voted NI Food Produce of the Year in the NI Food Awards 2019. Jack’s Fudge has also been recently been featured in Vogue magazine.