Joe's Farm Crisps

Producer in Cork;

Joe's Farm Crisps are hand cooked vegetable crisps, grown and cooked on Joe's Family Farm in east Cork. Joe's Farm Crisps are sown, grown, and cooked with a sprinkle of Achill Island Sea Salt to give you a delicious, crispy savoury snack.

These vegetable crisps are a mix of carrot, parsnip and beetroot crisps or mixed potato (purple, pink and white). There are only 5 ingredients used to make their pure Irish vegetable crisps; carrot, beetroot, parsnip, sunflower oil, and Achill Island Sea Salt.

Joe grows all the vegetables and potatoes to make the crisps and everything is made and produced on the farm.

All of their products are gluten free and the bags are resealable. 

Joe & Sandra Burns