Seymours Irish Shortbread

Since 2006, Seymours has produced homemade shortbread biscuits in their bakery in West Cork, Ireland, using fresh creamery butter from their cows - a unique feature of their award-winning shortbread.

Founder Philip O'Connor started baking shortbread in his kitchen back in 2006. In 2008, he established Seymour's Bakery in Bandon, West Cork. All of their shortbread varieties have been developed in-house.

“When we set out making shortbread, it was on the premise that because Ireland produces the best butter in the world, by natural extension we could also produce the best shortbread. That's why, in our family farm in West Cork, our dairy herd supplies the milk we use to make the butter for our shortbread biscuits.” These biscuits have a great texture and ‘crunch’ – an indulgent treat with a cup of tea or coffee!

"Today, the farm is managed by my brother David and his wife Vanessa. The milk from their herd of jersey, fresian, and hereford cows is supplied to our local co-op in Bandon and to the near cheese factory, Carbery. From there, it is produced into butter and cheese products which in turn form our ingredients. This is a unique aspect to our produce and one we are very proud of.  What's more - we get the freshest and thus the creamiest selection as we need."

Seymours Baskery make all of their shortbread in small batches and cut the dough entirely by hand. They are adamant that their shortbread biscuits are as traditional as possible, with a uniquely contemporary twist. They are truly delicious artisan Irish food at its best.