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Seymours Irish Handmade Shortbread Original Shamrock Shortbread Biscuits 150g


The shamrock is synonymous with Ireland and these shamrock shaped shortbreads are a popular option for sharing a taste of Ireland. These homemade shortbread cookies are shaped into shamrocks by hand with a gentle sugar sprinkle. The shortbread biscuits have a caramel buttery taste and crumbly texture. They are the perfect accompaniment to tea, hot chocolate, and even milk. With 15 shortbread cookies per package, you can indulge in more than one! 

Philip O'Connor makes the biscuits in small batches, cutting the dough by hand: “When we set out making shortbread, it was on the premise that because Ireland produces the best butter in the world, by natural extension we could also produce the best shortbread. That's why, in our family farm in West Cork, our dairy herd supplies the milk we use to make the butter for our shortbread biscuits.”

  • Gluten Free: No
  • Vegan: No
  • Dairy Free: No

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