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Vera Miklas Freeze Dried Strawberries 20g


These gorgeous, dried strawberries will bring sweet sunshine to your day!

Add flavour to your porridge, granola, yogurt, smoothies, ice cream, cakes, homemade chocolates, salads and tea. Add colour and flavour to meringues, macaroons, buttercream, marshmallows. The list of possibilities is endless! 20g of free dried fruits = 200g fresh fruit. This product contains only 100% natural fruit.

Vera Miklas began producing 100% natural freeze-dried fruits and berries with no additives or preservatives in 2013. The naturally preserved fruit keeps its colour, flavour and nutrition and becomes a unique ingredient for pastries, cakes, granola and more. Grounded into a fine powder, the freeze-dried fruit becomes something else such as paint in a creative chef’s palette, adding uniqueness and innovation to any dish. A great ace to have up your sleeve, Vera Miklas' freeze-dried fruit is a game-changer, and you'll find it only in Tipperary.

  • Gluten Free: Yes
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Dairy Free: Yes

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