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Irish Artisan Food Producers - Meet the Makers

18 Jan Gran Gran Foods
artisanPantry 0 240
Producer in Ireland; Great aromas were coming from Gran Grans Murray’s kitchen, from her treacle bread to her roast pork with crackling with which she would make a fresh Bramley apple sauce, there was a never-ending beautiful smell coming from the stove. It was about then, that Nigel realized, that ..
18 Jan Foods of Athenry
artisanPantry 0 517
Producer in Athenry; Behind "The Foods of Athenry" is an enthusiastic farm family. Like many farm families - baking deliciously healthy food for their own kitchen table, driven by necessity but rooted in tradition. If a discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind; then we took what l..
18 Jan Chocolatey Clare
artisanPantry 0 491
Producer in Ireland; Chocolatey Clare Really Raspberry is a tangy, fruity chocolate bar bursting with berries! The chocolate bars are handcrafted using organic and ethically sourced ingredients, and beautifully presented in zero-waste packaging printed with vegetable-based ink. The chocolate has a r..
18 Jan Clintons
artisanPantry 0 455
Producer in North Dublin; Clintons have been farming potatoes in Skerries, north Dublin, since the 1700s. Brothers Sean and Martin loved crisps and understood from potato growing and cooking what was needed to make a world class version.  Flavourings were key, and they spent over a year travelling a..
18 Jan ShedesignsHeprints
artisanPantry 0 318
Producer in Dublin; They have known each other since they were both brunettes (the grey’s kicking in now, they are not going to lie!) It’s simple really…she’s a graphic designer, he’s a printer! They have been running a print and design company together since 2011. Always looking for new challenges ..
18 Jan Berna's Dressings
artisanPantry 0 326
Producer in Dalkey; Berna’s Basil and Lime Dressing is fresh, vibrant, and delicious over any salad. Originating from an artisan delicatessen in Dalkey, Berna began serving her locally famous Basil and Lime dressing over 15 years ago over countless salads and sandwiches. Customers loved it so much, ..
18 Jan Kylemore Acres
artisanPantry 0 393
Producer in Ireland; We always used the Kylemore Acres Beef Stew mix to make our Irish Stew while we had a small Irish Pub in Germany. Everyone liked it and lots of people asked us what we put into it.After we returned to Ireland the Kylemore Acres products were not available anymore because the Com..
18 Jan Achill Island Sea Salt
artisanPantry 0 327
Producer in Limerick; Founded in 2013, Achill Island Sea Salt is a family business, which was inspired by the long-forgotten tradition of salt production on Achill Island. In the time-honoured style, they began producing sea salt in their family kitchen. Due to ever growing demand we moved to a cust..
18 Jan Pandora Bell
artisanPantry 0 622
Producer in Limerick; “At Pandora Bell we have travelled wide, far and back in time to bring you the best of European confectionery. Delight your senses with the most delectable sweets to be found.We only use premium quality ingredients: real butter, honey, whole nuts, fleur de sel from Guérande and..
18 Jan Shines Wild Irish Tuna
artisanPantry 0 394
Producer in Killybegs, County Donegal; Living and working in Killybegs in County Donegal, Ireland’s premier fishing port for over 40 years has taught the Shine Family a few things about premium seafood and Irish fish. This family’s love for fish has driven them to source Irish Albacore tuna and brin..
18 Jan Isle of Crackers
artisanPantry 0 412
Producer in Wexford; Tim Nickerson and his family have been baking a delicious range of flaxseed crackers in their tiny north Wexford bakery since 2014. Each heart shaped cracker is mixed, rolled, cut and packaged by hand which makes them a truly artisan product. The crackers are slow baked using de..
18 Jan White Mausu
artisanPantry 0 335
Producer in Dublin; Katie Sanderson, who kickstarted the company, was born and grew up in Hong Kong. The inspiration behind the recipes is the amalgamation of those early years, time spent travelling, working in kitchens, and the belief that a good larder full of condiments makes cooking a breeze. W..
18 Jan Mileeven
artisanPantry 0 304
Producer in County Kilkenny; Mileeven was establised in 1988 by Eilis Gough as Joe, her husband, kept bees as a hobby. Being from Dublin you would wonder how Eilis ended up beekeeping in Kilkenny!Stuck in traffic one evening, Eilis and Joe decided that there must be something else to do and so took ..
18 Jan Homespun
artisanPantry 0 305
Producer in Ireland; "The Homespun story began with my love for granola. Crunchy and delicious - but often excessively sweetened and devoid of nutrition. At home, inspired by recipes I spotted on blogs, I set about creating a healthier quinoa-based alternative.For months I played around - baking qui..
18 Jan Irish Black Butter
artisanPantry 0 339
Producer in County Antrim; Irish Black Butter was founded by Alastair Bell from County Antrim in 2017. Inspired by the ‘2016 Year of Food and Drink’, Alastair decided to create a modern version of Black Butter which is said to date from Medieval times and was made in times past here in Ireland.This ..
18 Jan Jack's Fudge
artisanPantry 0 554
Producer in Northern Ireland; Founder Jack Morton always had dreams of being a chef. Aged fourteen, he set about teaching himself how to cook and stumbled across a fudge recipe from an old Irish cookbook. Having tweaked the recipe, he began selling his fudge in Arcadia Delicatessen in Belfast whilst..
18 Jan The Lush Larder
artisanPantry 0 419
Producer in County Armagh; Tracey Toner launched The Lush Larder in October 2019. Tracey makes small batches of artisian jams and chutney in her home in County Armagh. She uses only the finest ingredients, some of which she grows herself, to make her products. Tracey also sources fruit and vegetable..
18 Jan Daisy Cottage Farm
artisanPantry 0 341
Producer in South County Wicklow; In the rolling hills of South County Wicklow, Daisy Cottage Farm has all the wonders of the Southeast of Ireland on its doorstep.Located right at the foothills of the Wicklow Mountains, this idyllic setting is home to a multi award winning artisan bakery as well as ..
18 Jan NearyNógs
artisanPantry 0 379
Producer in Northern Ireland; NearyNógs are Northern Ireland's first bean to bar craft chocolate makers and also one of the oldest in Ireland. NearyNógs chocolate is made in small batches and crafted on the Mourne Coast.  Their family friendly chocolate factory has breath-taking views of the Irish S..
10 Dec Big Red Kitchen
artisanPantry 0 469
Producer in Boyne Valley; “Down a quiet country lane nestled in the Boyne Valley, is where you’ll find Big Red Kitchen. The Kitchen is the heart of our home, where the products you taste today are still made. Blending traditional methods with some modern flavour innovation, inspired by the wonderful..
10 Dec Solaris Tea
artisanPantry 0 621
Producer in Galway; Solaris is a family business established by husband and wife team Joerg and Karin Mueller, two qualified Medical Herbalists (BScHons). Based in Galway by the rugged shoreline of Irelands West coast, Solaris specialises in the blending and preparation of International Award-winnin..
10 Dec The Lismore Food Company
artisanPantry 0 630
Producer in Cork; Lismore Biscuits brings together three artisans who share a love of fine ingredients and a lifetime of experience in food.Beth-Ann Smith’s family history in food stretches back to Smith’s Stores, a fine food delicatessen and bakery on Cork’s Patrick Street. Having trained at Ballym..
10 Dec Wilde Irish Chocolates
artisanPantry 0 625
Producer in Clare; Patricia Farrell and her small, dedicated team handmake over eighty different types of chocolate, eighteen varieties of fudge and many other delicious chocolaty treats. The magic begins in their artesian chocolate factory which is based in East Clare on the beautiful shores of Lou..
21 Sep WASI Irish Seaweed Pesto
artisanPantry 0 706
“I’m often asked what my obsession with seaweed is. I tell them how generations of women in my family swore by it to cure every ailment going." Founder of WASI Irish Seaweed Pesto, Claire O'Sullivan's great grandmother lived to 103 and her grandmother to 100, attributing their longevity to the heali..
20 Sep Seymours Irish Shortbread
artisanPantry 0 631
Since 2006, Seymours has produced homemade shortbread biscuits in their bakery in West Cork, Ireland, using fresh creamery butter from their cows - a unique feature of their award-winning shortbread.Founder Philip O'Connor started baking shortbread in his kitchen back in 2006. In 2008, he establishe..
19 Sep Exploding Tree Chocolate
artisanPantry 0 332
This bean-to-bar chocolate is made from 100% fair-trade cocoa and coconut sugar bought directly from farming cooperatives in developing countries. The chocolate is stone ground, hand poured and truly artisan.Allison decided to buy directly from farming co-operatives in developing countries so that..
27 Jul Joe's Farm Crisps
artisanPantry 0 459
Producer in Cork; Joe's Farm Crisps are hand cooked vegetable crisps, grown and cooked on Joe's Family Farm in east Cork. Joe's Farm Crisps are sown, grown, and cooked with a sprinkle of Achill Island Sea Salt to give you a delicious, crispy savoury snack. These vegetable crisps are a mix of carrot..
27 Jul The Birds and the Teas
artisanPantry 0 1125
Producer in Wicklow; The Birds and the Teas use seasonal ingredients to make wholesome and delicious tea-time favourites with a truly modern twist. Coming from a farming background, and now living in County Wicklow, brings an understanding of the seasonality of Irish produce and how to use it to it..
27 Jul Dr. Coy’s Health Foods
artisanPantry 0 1000
Producer in Wicklow; Dr. Coy's Health Foods, a family run business from County Wicklow, is passionate about positive eating and a healthy lifestyle.  We at Dr. Coy’s really love our food. Dr. Coy's Health Foods, a family run business based in County Wicklow, is passionate about positive eating and ..
27 Jul Miena’s Nougat
artisanPantry 0 809
Producer in Wicklow; The ingredients in Miena’s Nougat – fresh almonds and pistachio nuts and berries ensure sweetness, and a comforting, soft consistency. Ever wanted to taste something different – try MIENA’S Handmade Nougat. Created in the Glen of Imaal in Wicklow, surrounded by lush Irish count..
27 Jul Rhoda Cocoa
artisanPantry 0 828
Producer in Wicklow; Every day should be marked with a moment of delight. I find mine through crafting the chocolate bars which I hope will lead to yours. ..
27 Jul Rohan’s Sauces
artisanPantry 0 810
Producer & Chef in Wicklow; At Rohan’s sauces we bring our passion for honest, natural foods to your home. Our Vision Making a healthy life easy for all. At Rohan’s sauces we bring our passion for honest, natural foods to you.  An Irish brand showcasing how we can all be more health conscious and wo..
27 Jul Sukhi’s India
artisanPantry 0 1055
Producer, Café and Restaurant in Wicklow; Sukhis India brings together family recipes that have been generations in the making. Sukhis India began with my intention to bring to market recipes that have been in our family for generations. My mother was born in India, Punjab before she came over to th..
27 Jul Mella's Fudge
artisanPantry 0 448
Producer in Cork Mella's Fudge makes good, old-fashioned fudge; rich, buttery, crumbly fudge that is so good, it's the only Irish fudge to have ever achieved three gold stars at the Great Taste Awards in London. Mella was born in Bantry in West Cork and started to make fudge for her local sweet s..
27 Jul Hassett's Bakery
artisanPantry 0 582
Producer in Cork Hassett's Bakery make a delicious range of artisan foods including artisan breads, cakes, desserts, biscuits, crackers, granolas, and chocolates. Hassett's are famous for creating handmade biscuits in particular using only pure creamery butter and free range eggs sourced locally in ..
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