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Dried Mushroom Mix by FancyFungi 25g


A splendid mix of dried exotic and gourmet mushrooms. This dried mushroom mix includes gyre, gold and pink oyster mushrooms, shiitake, brown and white beech, wood ear, cordy cep, enoki and chesnut mushrooms.

Catherine and Nikk loved foraging for wild mushrooms on their farm which soon became popular with local chefs and restaurants. To meet demand, they started cultivating the mushrooms themselves and after a lot of research they chose several varieties that were both nutritious and colourful. Their gourmet mushrooms include Grey Oyster, Golden Oyster, Pink Flamingo Oyster, Shiitake and Pholiota. They certainly are ‘Fancy Funghi’ and Catherine and Nikk hope you enjoy cooking with them at home and enjoying dishes with a twist!

  • Gluten Free: Yes
  • Vegan: Yes
  • Dairy Free: Yes

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